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  • Student Discount

    Kevin Park | Hits 149
    • To whom this may concern,

      I am currently a student studying in the United States and have been recently very interested in Jogunshop and the unique and fashionable clothing offered. However, as a student with limited funds, I was wondering if you guys offered any student discounts? Additionally, I was curious about the length of time international shipping would take to the United States.

      Thank you!

  • JOGUNSHOP | 2020-09-01

    Dear customer,

    Appreciate for shopping JOGUNSHOP
    Apologize for that we cannot provide the discount separately
    So, usually, the prepared the product rakes 3~5 days and delivery date takes 5~10 days

    If you have any question, feel free to contact us

    Thank you
    Have a nice day

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