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  • It has been 10 days and didn't get my tracking order

    Mety Angriani | Hits 326
    • 20191213_SE1_0000097 thats my order id . Did you send my package? It's been 10 days and still not arrived yet. I want to bring them to my holiday on 26 december . Please it's urgent! Usually I order from overseas it takes 4-7 days only. But why this ship taking too long?
  • JOGUNSHOP | 2019-12-26

    Dear customer,

    Appreciate for shopping JOGUNSHOP
    Your package shipped out to International Logistic Center but not ship out yet because of there are having a lot of packages so almost other packages delaying now
    The package will ship out this week
    When ship out there, sending the tracking number to your email
    Please wait for the more

    Thank you
    Have a nice day

  • comments 1Hits 266
    Delivery address (1)
    [Jamie Smith]
  • comments 1Hits 249
    One size too small (1)
    [Ruben Vinca]
  • comments 1Hits 244
    One size too small (1)
    [Ruben Vinca]
  • comments 1Hits 246
    Order Cancel (1)
    [Ruben Vinca]
  • comments 1Hits 244
    Order Cancel (1)
    [Ruben Vinca]
  • comments 1Hits 261
    해외배송 주소 관련 문의 (1)
    [Seongshin Park]
  • comments 1Hits 266
    "24660SofturbanRoundmediumsleeveshirtbrfontstylefontsiz... (1)
    [Vivek Ramanujan]
  • comments 1Hits 295
    IS there a tracking number for this my order to USA? (1)
    [Sam Barris]
  • comments 1Hits 354
    Address receiving (1)
    [Subeto Tan]
  • comments 1Hits 326
    It has been 10 days and didn't get my tracking order (1)
    [Mety Angriani]
  • comments 1Hits 291
    Tracking again ordered (1)
    [Subeto Tan]
  • comments 1Hits 284
    20191222_XE7_0000312 70USD (1)
    [Chun Kuan Ang]
  • comments 1Hits 322
    Modify the price for order 20191222_XE7_0000312 (1)
    [Chun Kuan Ang]
  • comments 1Hits 326
    Wrong shipping address (1)
    [Trinh Nguyen]
  • comments 1Hits 316
    Tracking order (1)
    [Perawat Surojanametakul]
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