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  • Shipment

    Victor Ponce ponce | Hits 108
    • Is my package ready for shipping, and when it will my package arrived? Order Number 20190611_IE8_0000090
  • JOGUNSHOP | 2019-06-20

    Dear customer,

    Appreciate for shopping JOGUNSHOP
    We checked the result, your package finished the packing today and standby ship out in there with DHL
    They preparing a tracking number
    The pacakge will ship out today and sending a tracking number to your email

    Thank you
    Have a nice day :)

  • comments 0Hits 0
    IS there a tracking number for this my order to USA?
    [Sam Barris]
  • comments 1Hits 9
    Address receiving (1)
    [Subeto Tan]
  • comments 1Hits 9
    It has been 10 days and didn't get my tracking order (1)
    [Mety Angriani]
  • comments 1Hits 16
    Tracking again ordered (1)
    [Subeto Tan]
  • comments 1Hits 12
    20191222_XE7_0000312 70USD (1)
    [Chun Kuan Ang]
  • comments 1Hits 10
    Modify the price for order 20191222_XE7_0000312 (1)
    [Chun Kuan Ang]
  • comments 1Hits 11
    Wrong shipping address (1)
    [Trinh Nguyen]
  • comments 1Hits 13
    Tracking order (1)
    [Perawat Surojanametakul]
  • comments 1Hits 18
    Tracking order (1)
    [Subeto Tan]
  • comments 1Hits 13
    Please read (1)
    [Jaehyung Kim]
  • comments 1Hits 13
    Please read (1)
    [Jaehyung Kim]
  • comments 1Hits 14
    20191119_TE6_0000146 tracking code? (1)
    [Chun Kuan Ang]
  • comments 1Hits 23
    Modify the price (1)
    [Chun Kuan Ang]
  • comments 1Hits 20
    20191119_TE6_0000146 (1)
    [Chun Kuan Ang]
  • comments 1Hits 19
    hi (1)
    [Quang Hieu Trinh]
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