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  • Shipping

    Yusei Nezu | Hits 427
    • Hello

      I ordered some products.

      I want to check shipping states of these products.

      Can you check?



      And I have a question.

      I ordered this one as Same Day Shipping "2081116_RE6_0000144".

      What does it mean "Same Day Shipping"?

      I thought you can ship same day with ordered day.

      If it's wrong, please tell me about it.

      Thank you.


  • JOGUNSHOP | 2018-11-19

    Dear customer,

    Appreciate for shopping JOGUNSHOP
    We checked the result, your one package shipped out to International Logistic Center and other package preparing now (20181116_RE6_0000144)
    The shipped out this order number: 20181111_QE0_0000071
    The 20181111_QE0_0000071 will be ship out within this week
    Also, the same day shipping means when you purchase "loose fit wool position double coat" as soon as ship out
    But the same day shipping only applying domestic mall
    The impossible for ship out to the overseas mall
    We will ship out loose fit wool position double coat as soon as possible
    If you have any question, feel free to contact us

    Thank you
    Have a nice day :)

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