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  • Could you tell me how long it would be taking on my new order?

    Andrew Jeon | Hits 259
    • I already ordered some clothes a week ago but it says still send stand by
  • JOGUNSHOP | 2017-05-09

    Dear customer,

    Actually, It was a long holidays in Korea from Apr 29th to May 7th!
    That's why the international shipping company is out of work at this time!

    Your package will be shipped out to you in order!
    Please give us a time.

    So sorry for inconvenience.
    Have a great day.
    Best regards

  • comments 1Hits 292
    Do you ship to the Philippines? (1)
    [Emilio Jr Tomacder]
  • comments 1Hits 252
    Is my order still coming???? (1)
    [Andrew Jeon]
  • comments 1Hits 259
    Could you tell me how long it would be taking on my new orde... (1)
    [Andrew Jeon]
  • comments 1Hits 285
    How long does it usually take to ship?? (1)
    [Andrew Jeon]
  • comments 1Hits 288
    제꺼 언제 배송되나요 ㅠㅠ (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 260
    안녕하세요. 답변 부탁드립니다! (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 298
    Shipping (1)
    [anna yau]
  • comments 1Hits 271
    빠른 답변 감사합니다! (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 2Hits 316
    상품변경해서 배송받고 싶습니다! (2)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 324
    항상 친절한 답변 감사합니다! (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 313
    글 자꾸 올려서 죄송죄송 ㅠㅠ (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 308
    지금 진행상황에 대해 여쭙습니다. (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 285
    방금 캐나다에서 주문하구 결제까지 완료했습니다. (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 247
    안녕하세요~ 해외에서 주문할려는 사람인데요. (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 268
    tracking (1)
    [Jianxiong Lin]
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