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  • How long does it usually take to ship??

    Andrew Jeon | Hits 286
    • i ordered some clothes but I am just wondering 

      how long it will be taking to ship my order. I live in u.s 

  • JOGUNSHOP | 2017-03-28

    Dear customer,

    Normally, The package usually ship out to customer within 7days!
    But if the item was delayed to stock, It is possible to delayed to ship out :'(

    Thanks for your interest.
    have a great day.
    Best regards

  • comments 1Hits 292
    Do you ship to the Philippines? (1)
    [Emilio Jr Tomacder]
  • comments 1Hits 252
    Is my order still coming???? (1)
    [Andrew Jeon]
  • comments 1Hits 259
    Could you tell me how long it would be taking on my new orde... (1)
    [Andrew Jeon]
  • comments 1Hits 286
    How long does it usually take to ship?? (1)
    [Andrew Jeon]
  • comments 1Hits 288
    제꺼 언제 배송되나요 ㅠㅠ (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 260
    안녕하세요. 답변 부탁드립니다! (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 298
    Shipping (1)
    [anna yau]
  • comments 1Hits 271
    빠른 답변 감사합니다! (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 2Hits 316
    상품변경해서 배송받고 싶습니다! (2)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 324
    항상 친절한 답변 감사합니다! (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 313
    글 자꾸 올려서 죄송죄송 ㅠㅠ (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 308
    지금 진행상황에 대해 여쭙습니다. (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 286
    방금 캐나다에서 주문하구 결제까지 완료했습니다. (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 247
    안녕하세요~ 해외에서 주문할려는 사람인데요. (1)
    [Bosung Lee]
  • comments 1Hits 268
    tracking (1)
    [Jianxiong Lin]
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